What Are the Different Types of Towing Equipment?

The need for a towing company may happen at any time and anywhere. You can think of many situations where towing is a necessity such as mechanical failures, accidents, breaking down in the middle of nowhere, or other situations associated with the weather. All these situations are overwhelming and cause a lot of troubles.

According to the size and type of the vehicle that will be towed, there are 5 types of towing equipment used:
• Flat Bed
• Boom
• Hook & Chain
• Integrated
• Wheel Lift

So What is the Boom?

Boom is one of the most common pieces of equipment used in towing services. It is not a specific type. However, this winch device can be adjusted easily and it helps in the process of the recovery of the vehicle. 
We usually use it and our professional team is able to handle your vehicle well no matter how bad the situation is.

Now, what about the belt lift?

The sling or the belt lift is another common equipment used in the towing services. It was essential for the process of vehicle recovery. However, they usually cause some scratches; that is why it is not used often these days.
There is the area from the frame of the vehicle to its axle. The chains are attached to this area. The whole vehicle is then withdrawn uphill by the boom device to be placed adjacent to two heavy mats. This technique allows us to tow the vehicle on the other axle.
It is not used these days. However, if a vehicle is caught up during an accident, or if one or two of the front or rear wheels gone, or for the lift up trucks and steel bumpers vehicles, slings are among the most perfect choices we have.

So now, what are flatbeds?

Flatbeds are located at the back of the truck. The bed is associated with the back of the truck and they can be moved to the floor level. This allows the vehicle to be hauled so that we can place on it under the power of the vehicle itself. We can also pull it using a winch. 

Now, you might not be aware of the following points so let’s explore them together.
• We can’t have access to your vehicle if it’s in the garage according to some state laws.
• Don’t leave important documents in the vehicle. Make sure that there are not any properties you might worry about in the vehicle.
• We recommended hiring a licensed towing company in case a problem happened out of nowhere.