What are the important considerations before selecting fixed flange towbars?

What are the important considerations before selecting fixed flange towbars?

Towbars are available in different sizes and styles where fixed flange towbars are among the commonly used towbars available in the market. Flange towbars are also most commonly used towbars in the UK because of the ease of use and benefits that they provide during the towing process. In this type of towbars, the tow ball is bolted with me towbar with the help of the bolts that are present. The style, size, and the number of bolts depend upon the type of the towbars as well as the requirements of the vehicle. In some cases, fixed flange towbars come with two bolts while in other cases, they might come with four bolts. We recommend making an appropriate assessment of different towbars before making a decision in order to get the best results.

Benefits of using fixed flange towbars

There are a number of different benefits of using fixed flange towbars, which are listed below:

These towbars have the ability to use a number of different types of accessories such as various types of cycle careers, which are available in the market and provide significant benefit during the process of towing. 
They have the ability to fit towbar and a pin system with the help of which large trailers or generators can be easily towed to a vehicle without putting any extra effort.
Fixed flange towbars have the ability to fit a bumper protector plate with the help of which vehicles can be easily towed during the process resulting in increasing the overall ease. 
They are most suitable for the purpose of towing commercial vehicles because they have the ability to put butterfly steps, which make it much safer and convenient to tow commercial vehicles.
They have the ability to use height adjustable couplings as well as plates and spacers, which result in enhancing the overall convenience of performing the towing process. 
Fix flange towbars are comparatively cheaper as compared to other types of towbars available in the market due to which they are suitable for a large percentage of users. 

Consideration for the selection of appropriate flange towbars

There are some important considerations that need to be made before selecting an appropriate towbar for the purpose of performing towing, which are listed below:

Fixed flange towbars might cause especially during the process of reversing of vehicles. 
The tow bars might result in affecting the overall look of the vehicle because in most cases, they are not aesthetically designed. Therefore, it is not usually suitable to use them when the overall look of the vehicle is more important. In those cases, it is usually most suitable to use detachable towbars because they can be easily detached in the case they are not required to be used. 
The electrics are also visible, which also result in affecting the overall look of the vehicle.
There are other types of towards available in the market, which have greater features and provide significant ease but they can be comparatively costly as compared to fixed towbars. Therefore, budgets and requirements should be considered before making a decision. You can know more about why we do not recommend towing our own car here.