Why we do not recommend towing our own car?

Towing own car for pulling a heavy load or broken down vehicles may seem like a good idea as it can help save some money, however, it is one of the biggest mistakes that drivers make. Towing your own car with a load without following the proper guidelines can result in major problems. Even if the guidelines are followed, it has been observed that people tend to take something for granted, which leads to serious issues. Therefore, we have listed five major reasons why people should avoid towing own car and instead seek the services of a towing company.

An inappropriate towing rating can lead to damage

Most people tend to attach broken down cars with their own vehicles for towing purposes without realizing the towing rating requirements for the load. This leads to damage to the towing car because the load attached is above the weight limit. Therefore, we recommend finding out the gross weight limit of the towing vehicle as well as the rating requirement of the load before attaching it. In case, the requirements of the load are satisfied then the vehicle should be used otherwise it is advised to seek the assistance of a towing company.

Inappropriate tongue weight levels can affect steering

Most people are unable to configure tongue weight levels that result in steering issues during the driving process. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the tongue weight is balanced and at an appropriate level so that it will not cause problems during driving.

Inappropriate towbar rating can lead to safety issues

There are towbars of different ratings available in the market and it is important to use the towbar of an appropriate rating for towing own car. However, most people are not aware of the towbar ratings and they tend to choose an inappropriate towbar for their vehicle, which leads to safety issues. Similarly, using an inappropriate towbar can also result in damage to the vehicle.

The unreliable braking system can result in damage

Towing vehicles are supposed to have special braking systems, which can support the extra weight attached to them. However, normal vehicles do not have a special brake system due to which most people are not able to drive properly. Brake failure can lead to unforeseen circumstances resulting in damage to vehicles and other things in the surrounding.

Non-awareness of towing regulations

Different states around the world have different towing regulations and it may not always be legal to use own car for towing purposes. Therefore, we recommend that people should either get the services of a towing company or thoroughly check the towing regulations in their area before undergoing the process.